Moving Tips

General Packing Tips:

• Limit your Boxes and Cartons to a maximum of 50 lbs
• Wrap items carefully
• Use crushed newsprint for cushioning
• Use boxes that can be securely taped shut
• Pack similar weight items together
• Label all boxes with your name, original room, destination room, brief description of contents.

Room by Room Tips for Packing:

• Drain power tools of oil and gas
• Use old towels to wrap sharp-edged tools
• For Grills, dispose of charcoal and, if applicable, disconnect propane tank. Propane tanks cannot be transported in the moving truck
• Keep hardware for disassembled items in small plastic bags

• Dispose of all perishables
• Wrap china and glasses in clean paper. Use a large amount of paper padding between items in boxes
• Pack heavier items such as pots and pans in the bottom of boxes
• For large appliances such as refrigerators: clean thoroughly and disconnect all hoses. If necessary, have a licensed technician disconnect the appliance (in the case of gas ranges)

Living Room:
• Put books of the same size together in a box. Do not overload boxes.
• Lamp shades are particularly fragile. Pack with clean paper and place in a box at least 2 inches larger than the shade in diameter. Label the box “Lamp Shades – Fragile – Top Load Only”
• For stereo equipment, secure as appropriate for disc players and turntables.

2-3 days before your move:
• Defrost your freezer and refrigerator. Prop your doors open so they don’t accidentally shut.
• Pack a box of personal items that you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home. Set this box aside!

Moving Day:
• Make sure that someone is at home to answer the moving professionals’ questions
• Pack special items for you children including snacks, toys and any favorite items. This can be a long and disorienting day for them.
• Clear walkways and driveways
• Remove floor mats & door mats
• Remove low-hanging items such as plants or wind chimes
• Point out special items to your moving professionals immediately
• Find out as many details as you can before before the driver leaves your residence. Make sure the driver has clear directions to your new residence
• Take one last sweep of your house, checking all closets, the garage, attic, and basement. You don’t want to find out that an important (or heavy!) item was left behind.
• Have a great trip